Thursday, February 21, 2013

When a recipe isn't dinner but is a good dinner inspiration

Snow day so I should get to post a couple of recipes today.
Last night Byron made a recipe we had picked for this week. It was very tasty, but he changed a few things.
We'll have to try it "as written" soon.

He was cutting up the leg of lamb I'd gotten at Costco to put into meal sized portions in the freezer and used the scraps of lamb in the dinner instead of the chicken called for.  He decided to use various frozen vegetables we had in the freezer instead of the broccoli called for. So it really wasn't the same recipe as in the book, but it sure was tasty!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicken Curry Kebabs were so so, on to oven fried chicken with waffle strips

The chicken curry kebabs last night were tasty, but a bit bland. Next time we'll spice them up a bit more.

Tonight Byron's working till 7 and I'm working 12:30 - 4.  I'm making oven friend chicken with grilled waffle strips.  This will be interesting as the grilled waffle strips are from scratch and look fun to make. The recipe calls for chicken thighs and I'm out, so I'll be using chicken breasts.

Assuming I ever get caught up on my homework, I'll type up this week's recipes and post them on the blog.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu planning at last - spice flavor and flair

After a couple of weeks of emeals (nice but not for us)
a couple of weeks no-plan (boring, not the most balanced and not enough flavor)

we are back to our "standand" mode of menu planning.

One day a week, typically a weekend, I pull out a flock (about 10-12) Weight Watcher cookbooks, toss in a few Pampered Chef cookbooks and a Taste of Home Diet Cookbook  and maybe some others for variety.

Byron picks 3-4 recipes and I pick 3-4 recipes and that's what we have for dinner the following week. The next week we do the same things only use different cookbooks.

This way get a lot of variety, it's all healthy, very tasty, full of spice, flavor and flair

This coming week our menu will be:

Monday: Coconut-Curry Marinated Chicken Kebabs (WW Power Foods Cookbook)
Tuesday: Szechuan pork and Ginger (Turn up the Flavor WW cookbook)
Wed.: Oven-Fried Chicken with Grilled Waffle Sticks (Pampered Chef: 29 minutes to dinner, volume 3 (coming out March 1)
Thurs: Crispy Thai-Style Chicken with Ginger Bok Choy (WW Power Foods Cookbook)
Fri: Stovetop Pan Pizza (Season's Best Spring/Summer 2013)
Sat. Leftovers
Sun: Will make new plan later this week