Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cooking Again!

Byron has been working most nights (and mornings) this week cooking for the Olympic Wrestling Team from another country, thus he hasn't been home for dinner. I worked one night of night school, had a meeting on night and ushered last Sunday night at church. Thus, I wasn't home for dinner three nights this week.

We had enough leftovers to make it through the week for lunch and dinner till Friday (with one  night frozen pizza).

At last we're out of leftovers and we can cook again!  That's the downfall of "empty nesting" - cooking every night means too many leftovers, but not cooking means eating only leftovers.  I'm medium on  liking leftovers.  I like leftovers as long as I have them once, 2 nights after their first appearance or for lunch.

In any case, I'll be posting a menu plan soon. And in the mean time

We had tacos for dinner last ngiht and I'm having lasagna (from the freezer/made for Christmas Eve) and Byron's having tacos (made last night)

How do you make your tacos? Ours are technically burritos, but we've always called them tacos.

flour tortilla
ground beef
taco seasoning, from my friend Bethany's recipe, I make in bulk and keep in a jar
refried beans
sour cream
corn as a side

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