Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cooking for One is Not So Fun

So, another crazy almost non-cooking week.

Byron's cooking for an Olympic Wrestling Team from another country. He's working 14 hour days a few days a week and merely 8 hour days others. However, those days right now primarily mean he's cooking dinner for 40 at work and sometimes breakfast for those at the hotel as well.

This leaves me home alone and fending for myself. Which doesn't lead to great creativity in the kitchen.

This week's menu has featured
salad (on a night when I taught all day and then taught night school 4-10 pm)
frozen pizza (the night after I taught 14 hours and then 8 hours and then was too tired to cook, so frozen pizza fit the bill)
and one night Byron cooked me a steak/baked potato dinner.

Maybe this coming week will be a cooking week. I sure hope so. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy eating good food, but this past week there wasn't time for that.

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