Monday, January 7, 2013

What's for dinner, an ever changing question

Well, I was all set to start Emeals, but the life happened.  I have the groceries to make all the meals for emeals this week, Portion Control (WW friendly) plan. However, last night was Anthony's last night home before going back to college AND he wasn't feeling well, so the planned dinner changed.

Pork chops (with Pampered Chef Carolina Mustard Barbecue sauce on them)
Mashed potatoes (from scratch of course, and with just potatoes, butter and milk, nothing fancy as I was trying to make them bland as Anthony wasn't feeling well)
Steamed Broccoli and steamed green beans
Christmas Cookies (from the freezer) for dessert

Tonight's leftovers, we have a plethora of the in the fridge and it's just me and Byron at home. So it's pull out the leftovers and eat, toss and consolidate/freeze leftovers.

Tomorrow I'll start the emeals cooking. 

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