Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Emeals, after the first week

I've been trying out Emeals and have a few menus by the week. We've reviewed 3 weeks of Portion Control *(WW friendly/points posted). The recipes are ok, for the most part, but aren't really to our tastes The use more processed foods than we are used to and they lack complex spicing. The recipes are VERY easy. The thing is Byron and I like to cook, enjoy cooking and have many, many, many spices/herbs and blends and know to use them. 

The next week of menus I'll be trying is their "easy" gourmet menu.  At the end of the month I'll switch the "Portion Control" menu to the low fat menu and see if the recipes get a bit more interesting/complex. Not necessarily complex in difficulty, though we don't mind that at all, but more in complexity in flavors.

The soup we made (portion control menu) the other day was fine, but it was broth, salsa, chicken and cumin.  It was nice, but nothign special. I can and have made better "taco soup" with recipes which call for separate spices to be added and fresh herbs. 

Emeals also has a "clean eating" menu that I make look at which would use non-processed foods. that might be more to our liking.  The other thing is we prefer to eat a variety of cuisines during a week and not "American" food and we prefer bright, clean flavors with some complexity to them.

It's been an interesting experiment, but I think looking in my Pampered Chef and Weight Watcher cookboks may be the way to go.

I do like trying new things and new ways of doing things in the kitchen. So I'm glad we are trying Emeals and I understand why so many find this a really good thing for their families.

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